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MM4XL Documentation

The MM4XL User's Guide, is your comprehensive guide to working with MM4XL. You will find it full of practical tips and real-life examples that will help you progress quickly in the proficient use of MM4XL.

In addition to the MM4XL User's Guide, the complete set of MM4XL documentation includes the Online Help and the Example Sheets.

Please remember to acknowledge the MM4XL source, should you quote any part of the MM4XL User's Guide in your own work or papers. Explicitly acknowledging the source is the only allowable and legal way to make use of the text. Improper use of this copyrighted material will be prosecuted under the appropriate law. The correct mention is:

   Marketing Manager for Excel, MM4XL Software
   User's Guide
   ©Copyright by MarketingStat GmbH
   All rights reserved

Learning MM4XL

The MM4XL User's Guide is intended to get you up and running quickly with MM4XL. You can use the examples in it as a source of ideas for your own analytical work. The book is organized in stand-alone chapters, each covering one of the tools available in MM4XL.

Working with MM4XL

This Online Help provides reference and how-to information for all MM4XL tools and functions. You can search the index, and the user-friendly HTML format enables you to jump between topics in an intuitive manner. You can also browse the Internet from it.

Example Sheets are provided for each of the MM4XL tools. They show how to make selections for running the tools, and they also show the content of the output from each tool. You can use the data in the example sheets for learning the tools. Open the example sheets either from the MM4XL Examples menu as shown here or from the Learning Center listbox available in every tool form:

MM4XL software - Business analysis tools for strategic marketing management. Sound management theory rich in marketing examples.

Getting Help

To get help when working with MM4XL software tools, click the Learning Center listbox to access several useful options:

MM4XL software - Business analysis tools for strategic marketing management. Sound management theory rich in marketing examples.

In addition, some of the tools provide a Quick Online Help that displays concise explanations when you click with the mouse on any label in the form.

To learn from example sheets printed in a language other than English:

  • Select your preferred language from the Set Language menu.
  • Open a tool and in the form click on the Example button.
  • Repeat the selection as shown in the pictures of the example file.
  • Print the output to a new sheet and it will be done in your preferred language.

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