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MM4XL Basics

Security Matter


If after installing and launching you cannot see the MM4XL menu in the Excel menu bar, this is most probably due to the security level your Excel is using. To lower your protection level so that you can run MM4XL, read page Troubleshooting of this help file

Software requirements

MM4XL is implemented in VBA. The Windows release is developed to work with MS Excel version 8.0 or above on PCs running Win95/98/XP/NT or Vista. It can be used without restrictions during the allowed trial time.

When your trial period is over, you are invited to buy a license to continue enjoying the benefits of MM4XL. Or click the tool icon located on all the MM4XL tool forms. Alternatively, fill out and send us the order form you can open from the MM4XL menu.

If your company needs direct invoicing, please contact:

   MarketingStat GmbH
   Im Goldbrunnen 39
   CH-4104 Oberwil
   Phone: +41.61.401 6055
   info -at-

Hardware requirements

To use MM4XL you need:

  • An IBM®-compatible personal computer with an 80386sx or higher processor (Pentium IV recommended)
  • A mouse device
  • A hard disk with 35Mb of free space for a typical installation
  • MS Windows 95 or above and MS Excel version 8.0 (2000) or above

If you are unfamiliar with installing software, DO NOT PANIC! Installing MM4XL is simple! From your file manager, double-click the file MM4XL.exe and then follow the instructions.

The installation facility makes it very simple to install MM4XL. After installation, the software can be launched from the Start Menu button or from the desktop icon as shown in the picture below:

MM4XL software - Business analysis tools for strategic marketing management. Sound management theory rich in marketing examples.

Setting up MM4XL on a network

The network administrator should install MM4XL on a network server or in a shared directory with Write permissions, so that MM4XL can interact with its components during operations.

Updating MM4XL

If MM4XL software is already installed on your machine, before you install a new version of MM4XL software make sure you uninstall the previous version. You can do so using the Uninstaller utility from MM4XL's folder in the Windows Start menu.

Certain Excel versions make copies of add-in files in a default directory, and old copies could interfere with the latest version of MM4XL. You can remove these files using the Search utility from the Windows Start button. Type the string     MM4XL*.xla     (with the *) and get rid of all of them. Then install the latest MM4XL.

Now you are ready to work and enjoy MM4XL software. Should you experience any problems, please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Lifetime license:
MM4XL All Tools
Price: euro 238.00

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