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We at MarketingStat are confident that we are providing a first class product to our exclusive circle of clients, and for this reason we allow clients to give MM4XL a full trial before registering. The latest release is always available for download. To continue using MM4XL after the trial period has expired, you have to purchase a license and register your copy of MM4XL.

It is easy to buy MM4XL. Click on the Quickbuy button (there is also one in every MM4XL tool form) to enter the MM4XL warehouse and add to the shopping cart the software package you want to buy:

MM4XL software - Business analysis tools for strategic marketing management. Sound management theory rich in marketing examples.

When you are done click on Proceed to Checkout and fill out the purchase form. You will be allowed to unlock MM4XL immediatly after your purchase order is accepted.

From this link you can find the current pricing of MM4XL software.

If you don't want to use your credit card over the Internet, send us an email and we will help. Fill out the Order form that can be opened clicking on the button Show order form from the MM4XL menu, print the form, and send it by mail or fax to our sales office at one of these addresses:

   MarketingStat GmbH
   Im Goldbrunnen 39
   CH-4104 Oberwil
   Phone: +41.61.401 6055
   info -at-

   Internet Sales Collector

   ShareIt - element 5 AG
   Vogelsanger Str. 78
   50823 Cologne
   Phone: +49.221.240 7279
   Fax: +49.221.240 7278
   register -at-

   ShareIt! Inc. USA
   460 Mathews Street
   Suite 1800
   Greensburg, PA 15601-8059
   Tel. +1 724.850 8186
   Fax +1 724.850 8187
Lifetime license:
MM4XL All Tools
Price: euro 238.00

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