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Part 2. MM4XL Tools

Section 1: Strategic Tools

Management science concepts for better decision making.

Decision Analysis: Risk Analyst and Decision Tree
Decision Analysis helps in setting up frameworks for dealing with decision problems involving risk and uncertainty. For instance, your company calls for incremental funding and you are required to estimate potential sales for several projects and to focus on those projects that best satisfy the growth goal. There are two aspects to be considered when approaching this challenge:

  • the estimation of each project outcome
  • the selection of the most appealing project(s)
The former can be handled with simulation models (use Risk Analyst). The latter can be facilitated using decision trees.

Product Portfolio Analysis: BCG Share/Growth Matrix, GE/McKinsey Array
PPA is used for assessing the competitiveness of businesses in one company's portfolio. Certain companies look at product mix decisions as portfolio decisions. Each product requires investment and promises a certain return. The role of management is to determine the products that comprise the portfolio and the funds to allocate to them. In this sense, PPA becomes useful twice a year, or more frequently if structural changes take place.

Brand Management Tools: Brand Switch, Profile Manager, Brand Mapping
Brand positioning, brand loyalty, and market share behavior are issues of strategic relevance to marketers. The tools in this collection tackle these issues. They may give managers a competitive edge, and they will certainly prove useful in stimulating strategic thinking within the team.

Forecast Manager
Forecasts are probabilistic statements about future events, and there are many models to select from. Forecast Manager works with time series for short-term projections. After choosing the "right" model it selects the "right" method and sets the "correct" parameters for an optimized fit. The bulk of the work is hidden behind a few mouse-clicks.

Quality Analyst
Statistical quality control helps companies to increase their ability to compete effectively by improving the quality of the output they pour in the market. To do so, the characteristics of a sample of products or one or more processes are measured in order to make decisions regarding their quality. MM4XL software makes available in a brilliant package all tools needed to perform accurate, fast and visually effective statistical quality control directly in MS Excel.

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