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Example 3.1: dynamic maps

Say that two surveys were committed, one in 1995 and the other one in 1998. During both surveys the same number of patients (tracking) --though not the same individuals (panel)-- were asked what drug they use for treatment of abdominal disease(s). The answers were collated in the following table.

Brand Mapping Software for Marketing Analysis and Segmentation

The respondents mentioned four major products used to treat seven common diseases in the field of ulcer and gastritis. Both products and diseases remained the same in both surveys. The data was analyzed using the Supplementary data function with 4 supplementary rows and 0 supplementary columns.

Use the Estimate missing data function built into Brand Mapping when the number of columns or rows changes between surveys.

MarketingStat opted not to print any coefficients for the supplementary points, because their interpretation may be misleading. Only the squared cosines may be interpreted, while exercising caution. The formula to compute the squared cosinus of one point and one axis is as illustrated below.

Brand Mapping Software for Marketing Analysis and Segmentation

It follows the dynamic map.

Brand Mapping Software for Marketing Analysis and Segmentation

In 1995 the leadership was clear: Zant dominated Gastritis and Antra controlled the richest Esophagitis and Ulcer. Three years later both leaders were under competitive pressure and the products have become closer, on both sides of the map. As stated earlier, the closer the bubbles, the lower the inertia, the more similar the profiles, the stronger the need for brand differentiation.

Marketing minded people, who fly very high and focus on macro changes occurring in competitive environments, appreciate dynamic maps of this kind because in such a concise picture, one can summarize a wealth of meaning, even for the most complex markets.

Analysts who want to display both supplementary rows and columns simultaneously, are advised to refer to the literature in order to validate any 'unusual' form of data treatment.

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