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Brand Mapping

Example 4: missing data

Let's say that the table below comprises of preference data, gathered at two different moments in time. At the time of the first survey, three products were not yet launched: Calma, Panto, and Zurc. The launches have impacted the market shares and now we want to map products and diagnoses shifts over time.

Brand Mapping Software for Marketing Analysis and Segmentation

Brand Mapping can handle this particular case applying the principle of distributional equivalence and can safely estimate the missing values.

Arrange the data as shown above, with the upper right corner left blank. Choose Estimate missing data in the first window of Brand Mapping, not forgetting that labels are required, and start the analysis. The lower region of the table is treated as passive rows and the upper one treated as active.

The estimated missing values are averages of the available row values. Their coordinates are always in the middle of the map and do not exert influence in orientating the axes. Their major contribution to marketing is allowing us to display on a single map, markets that change between surveys, either because of new competitors entering the competitive arena, or because of new brand usage.

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