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Brand Switch Analyst

Dynamic Brand Switch Analysis

In the Brand Switch tool window select a valid data range on the sheet, click the button Dynamic Loyalty Analysis in the page Maps and the form below appears. Select the product you want to run the dynamic analysis for, select the Starting period, select one or more of the check boxes available and click the OK button.

Brand Switch Software Estimates Customer Loyalty and Retention from Sales Performance Data

When the dynamic analysis of loyalty is requested the tool computes, for the selected product, the three main switch behaviour indices(switch-in, switch-out and loyalty) for each period, beginning from the one chosen in the list box Starting period and ending with the latest period available.

The output shows the trendfor the three switch values for one product. This is very valuable information for managers, for instance, when monitoring the effectiveness of promotional actions on brand loyalty, or when seeking market space at the expense of competitors.

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