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Decision Tree

Decision Path

Technical details regarding tree settings can be found in the Technicalities section. In this section we limit the discussion to the tool functionality.

After the graphic appearance of the tree is shaped, click on the tree label (column A in the picture above). The Tree Settings form pops up, which is where you can select the kind of analysis to perform. Text entered as Tree name is displayed in the tree label.

DTree maximizes Expected Monetary Value (EMV) by default, as shown in the Optimum path list box. Alternatively one can choose to Minimize EMV or to apply nave multiplicative formulae.

Decision Tree Software for Business and Management Model Making

When active, the checkbox Only tree, no math removes all formulae from the tree and only the graphical shapes are left on the sheet.

Click on the button Delete tree if you want to remove a tree from sheet. Be careful, once removed a tree cannot be retrieved from the basket.

More details about DTree reports and utility functions can be found in later sections of this reference manual.

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