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Forecast Manager

How To Run Forecast Manager

It's easy to get up to speed with MM4XL in a matter of seconds:

  1. Select the MM4XL tool you want to work with from the toolbar.
  2. Click the Example button on the form. This opens an example sheet with data for the tool you are using.
  3. With your mouse, select the data sets as explained in the example sheet, then click the OK button to print the report.

Forecast Manager offers a wide range of options users can interact with. In Excel, click on the MM4XL menu, select Strategic Analysis, click on Forecast Manager, or press its button in the floating toolbar menu.

Sales Forecast Software with Sales History Data

Important Note:
When you open this tool for the first time, if a pop-up form appears that prompts you to enter a password, simply click the Cancel button. The tool will then start. This form appears because MM4XL interacts with an Excel control routine. This is not a harmful situation.

There are four pages where one can change settings. Input Data is where you define the report input, Data Attributes is where you can define output layout and details for the forecasting algorithms, Method Gallery is the place to select the fit methods you want to run, and Special Events is the page where you shape the way Forecast Manager handles special events such as promotional actions, for instance.

When active the checkbox Activate help online shows brief explanations of available functions. Click on the label that turns your mouse cursor to a question mark and a short explanation of that function will be displayed in the online help area of the form (not visible in the form above).

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