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Forecast Manager

Output Report

A full output report generated by Forecast Manager is made of the following parts:

  1. Report heading
  2. Best fitted model
  3. Accuracy and Seasonality tables
  4. Control charts
  5. Special events

The user is left free to choose whether to print the last three reports or not, and part of the second one is also user defined. The default setting prints the most commonly used elements of each of the four groups.

Most labels in the reports are explained with comments. When you see a red triangle in the upper right corner of a cell, place the cursor on that cell, without clicking, and after one second a short explanation of that label appears in a frame.

What you see in the output report is mostly concerned with the best-fitted curve only. If you wish to put hands on the details (formulae) of each fitted model check the option Show hidden sheet, the sheet that hosts all intermediate computations needed for fitting the models. A hidden sheet can be unhidden from the Excel menu clicking on Format, Sheet, Unhide, and finally selecting the appropriate sheet.

For educational purpose, Forecast Manager has been written in a way that makes no mystery of what happens in its background.

In the upper region of the hidden sheet there are indices. Most of these are computed with array formulae. If you are not familiar with this peculiar and very useful sort of formula read the Excel help file (press F1) and remember that array formula are entered with the key Shift+Ctrl+Enter rather then simply Enter. Array formulae can be recognized by the braces brackets { } embracing the formula (still written with the sign = in front of it).

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