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McKinsey Portfolio Analysis

Output of the Analysis

MM4XL produces a map and a summary report. Read the chapter How To Interpret The Analysis for a detailed explanation.

McKinsey GE Matrix Software for Product Portfolio Analysis and Management

You can alter the position, size, and appearance of each single element of the grid, exactly like any Excel chart, but you cannot modify the bubbles. Should you modify the bubbles in error, use Edit Undo in the Excel menu to restore them. Take a look at the Smart Mapping help file in MM4XL for help with editing your charts, or refer to the Excel help (F1).

An example of the Summary Report is shown below.

McKinsey GE Matrix Software for Product Portfolio Analysis and Management

Only macro-factor values are shown in the summary report, however, by displaying the hidden rows, all computed values for each micro-factor are shown. For instance, in the example above, rows 6 to 14 are hidden. In a similar report, you could select row 5 and 15 with your mouse, chose Format Row Unhide in the Excel menu, and the hidden values are displayed. You could repeat the operation for rows 16 to 18 and for 25 to 28. All hidden rows could be shown together by selecting all rows in the range 5 to 34 and using the unhide command.

MM4XL stores values to draw the McKinsey map in a hidden sheet. If not required, these hidden sheets may be deleted by choosing Format Sheet Unhide in the Excel menu and than Edit Delete Sheet.

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