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Profile Manager

The Charts

The two charts below are drawn as a result of the analysis, if you choose to do so. The one on the left, the estimated share chart, is a common bar chart one can make in Excel. It shows the market share values reached running the analysis with the data shown above. The chart on the right, the Profile chart, is a chart one can make in Excel with MM4XL only. Use the tool Semantic Differential if you would like to draw one. With Profile Manager this chart is used for comparing the product profiles all together. In our example, the data of product A, for instance, is in the range B2:B10 of the data set above.

Profile Manager Software to Model Market Development
Profile Manager Software to Model Market Development

Reading the two charts the marketing manager can get an understanding of what attributes are driving the success or failure of the analyzed product profiles. Check the options Sensitivity analysis and Sensitivity chart in the tool form to know in what measure each attribute impacts share.

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