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Quality Manager

Quality Manager in a nutshell

Statistical quality control (SQC) can help companies increase their ability to compete effectively by improving the quality of the output they bring to the market. To do so, the characteristics of a sample of products or one or more processes are measured in order to make decisions regarding their quality, and MM4XL tool Quality Manager makes available the most popular SQC techniques for this purpose.

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There are two groups of analytical methods in SQC:

  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • Acceptance sampling(AS)

SPC is a decision-making tool useful to ensure that processes perform within limits. When a process goes beyond limits, SPC helps to identify when the change happens, and the manager can assess whether the change is good or bad. If the change is bad, action should be taken to remove the cause. If the change is good, the occurrence of the cause should be made common practice.

There are two kinds of measures in SPC:

  • Attributes characteristics: monitored with P, NP, C and U charts
  • Variable characteristics: monitored with Xbar-Sigma and Xbar-Range charts

When the characteristics of the sample do not meet the specifications it means the process is not in control. A technique called process capability analysis helps to relate control limits to specification limits and find out whether the process is performing as planned or not.

AS helps to ensure that the material a company receives and delivers is acceptable. There are three main tools used in AS:

  • Operating characteristics curve (OCC)
  • Hypergeometric operating characteristics curve (HOCC)
  • Average outgoing quality (AOQ)

MM4XL software makes available in a brilliant package all the tools needed to perform accurate, fast and visually effective statistical quality control directly in MS Excel.
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