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Quality Manager

Introduction to Quality Manager

Quality Manager is a very flexible MM4XL tool that draws the most common and useful Statistical Quality Control (SQC) charts. Learn how to use each of the quality control charts available in Quality Manager by reading the material in this help file. There are 10 options to choose from:

SPC, attribute charts
  • C chart
  • U chart
  • P chart with fixed and variable lot size
  • NP chart

SPC, variable charts
  • X-bar and Range (X-R)
  • X-bar and Sigma (X-S)

Process capability
  • Process capability analysis

Acceptance sampling
  • Operating characteristics curve (OCC)
  • Hypergeometric operating characteristics curve (HOCC)
  • Average outgoing quality (AOQ)

The continued application of Quality Manager can bring tangible benefits in four areas:

  • The quality of processes improves due to the removal of the sources of nonconformity.
  • Productivity rises due to a better functioning of processes.
  • Costs decrease due to a better use of resources.
  • Competitiveness increases due to an increased efficiency in the company.

Quality Manager works in a preview mode, which means that every analysis is shown online and the user chooses whether to print hardcopy. It can also work in batch mode, where a large database of several variables can be selected at once, and then a number of different charts can be previewed and printed, so that the user avoids having to run each analysis separately.

How to use Quality Manager

In the MM4XL floating toolbar, click on the button shown to the left and the tool opens.

Total Quality Management Control Charts Excel Add-In Software

Alternatively, select Quality Manager from the main MM4XL drop down menu. The first window that opens is shown below. It enables you to select the range of data to be analyzed. If the data range is selected before opening the tool, the input field in the window automatically shows the range selection. If you click the Next button without making a range selection on the sheet, Quality Manager works in reduced mode, and only some charting options are available. The checkbox Use automatic update is useful when working with large data series, such as hundreds of items, which can keep Quality Manager busy for long a time in order to show the results. When this checkbox is unchecked you have to click the button Recalculate in window 2 to update results. Click Next to move to window 2.

Total Quality Management Control Charts Excel Add-In Software

Quality Manager allows you to select several variables at once in the input range. Then, in the second window described in the next paragraph, you can select one variable at a time and draw the appropriate control chart. To select multiple variables from the picture below, for instance, position the mouse in cell A1, click and hold down the left mouse button, then drag to cell H35 and release the mouse button.

Total Quality Management Control Charts Excel Add-In Software

The second window is the place where most of the work is done. Depending on the selected chart type, this window can change appearance and look slightly different from the sample below. Most options, however, work similarly for most charts. A detailed explanation concerning use and interpretation of each chart type available in Quality Manager can be found in the sections of this help file dealing with the different chart types. The sample below provides an explanation of the elements of the window.

Total Quality Management Control Charts Excel Add-In Software

When the analysis is done and you wish to print the results on the sheet, click the Next button to display the third and last window, shown below. We strongly suggest that you try the options in the Learning Center. That is where you will find help with the tool you are using and, more generally, with the whole MM4XL software. The Learning Center also provides a number of links useful to marketers.

Total Quality Management Control Charts Excel Add-In Software

By default the tool places the results for the selected chart type in a New sheet. Select the option Output range and select a place in the sheet where you want to print results if you do not want to add a new worksheet (Excel sheet) to the workbook (Excel file). The labels describe the functioning of most features in the window above. Note that the option Close this dialog when done is unchecked by default. Check it if you want to close Quality Manager after a report has been printed; otherwise click on the Back button to return to the previous window and run a new analysis. When unchecked, the option Display lines prints charts in output that exhibit item points not connected with a line, as shown in the chart below, where the green diamonds show the simulated data and the blue squares refer to the user input data.

Total Quality Management Control Charts Excel Add-In Software

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