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Risk Analyst

Risk Analyst in a Nutshell

Risk Analyst helps you to build models in a way that takes into account the uncertainty inherent in the events, and applies the Monte Carlo technique to simulate the outcomes of the models.

 Monte Carlo Simulation Software: Management Process Risk Analysis

Risk Analyst provides a multitude of functions that enable you to model in MS Excel virtually any scenario you can think of. It is fast and accurate, displaying the results of the simulation in a preview window. A fitting tool is available to help identify appropriate distribution functions for the user data, and Quick Help can be called from the tool to find out when to use each of the many functions.

Building models is a multifaceted process, based on solid facts and data as well as the modelers prior knowledge. It borrows concepts directly from statistics, which may imply some study, and it wraps everything up in spreadsheets, which may require some work. Risk Analyst makes available in one compact and comprehensive tool all the resources needed by managers and business analysts to build and analyze models concerned with important issues involving uncertainty.

Together with another MM4XL software tool called Decision Tree, Risk Analyst provides you with all the resources needed to analyze even very complex business decisions.

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