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Risk Analyst

Assessing variable cells

We call variable cell assessment the definition of inputs and outputs in a model, and Risk Analyst allows you to do this either manually, typing formulae directly in the spreadsheet cells, or using the Risk Analyst Wizard shown in the picture below.

 Monte Carlo Simulation Software: Management Process Risk Analysis

Risk Analyst makes available three new kinds of functions called distribution, property, and utility functions.

There are 27 Distribution Functions (DFs or Pdfs), 20 of which are continuous and 7 are discrete. You can see the complete list of Pdfs by clicking the Distribution drop-down list shown in the picture above (in this list are missing the functions mmRANDBETWEEN and mmDISCRETE). The reader is referred to the corresponding page of this help chapter for each DF.

There are 3 Property Functions (PF's). The three PF's mmOUTPUT, mmNAME, mmLOCK are key to build scenario models.

The remaining 3 Utility Functions (UF's) mmHISTO, mmOPTNUM, and mmCORREL are used for computational purposes, and will be discussed later in this help chapter. In order to get a complete introduction to PF's as well as to all other functions available in Risk Analyst, we recommend reading the corresponding help pages of this document.
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