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Formula bar

To add a function from the Formula Bar to a cell, in the Output cell field of the main window select on sheet, using the mouse, the cell or cells where you want to add or modify a formula. Then either select one function from the Distribution list or type it in the Formula Bar. Finally, press the button Paste to sheet or click twice in the field of the formula bar and the formula is added to the selected cell.

 Monte Carlo Simulation Software: Management Process Risk Analysis

The picture above shows an example. Note that the first part of the formula, the mmNORMAL function, is defined by Risk Analyst when the selected distribution is a Normal one. The formula changes when a different distribution is chosen. The Output part of the formula can be either typed or added by clicking once on the label Output above the formula bar. Clicking twice on the label Output removes the statement from the formula bar. The same concept applies to the Lock and Name labels above the formula bar. One click on the label adds the statement to the formula bar, two clicks on it removes the statement, two clicks in the formula bar adds the formula to the selected cell.

The label Read sheet is used to show the contents of a cell in the formula bar, which is a useful feature to make small changes to the model without needing to close the Risk Analyst tool. In the field Output cell select a cell on the sheet using the mouse and click once on Read sheet to show the formula in the selected cell. Click twice on Read sheet to read the result shown in the cell. For instance, in cell A1 type 2, in cell A2 type +A1, in the field Output cell select A2, click once on Read sheet and the formula bar shows +A1, the cell address, click twice on it and the bar shows 2, the value in the cell.

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