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Risk Analyst

Property functions

N. Name What it does?
1 mmOUTPUT() Used to identify output cells in a model. The results of the simulation of output variables are reported in a separate sheet together with the respective histogram charts showing the distribution of each variable. At least one output variable is needed to run the Sensitivity Analysis in the final report. Models without output cells do not tell the analyst very much.

The function does not take any arguments, its only job is to identify output variables and make them available as such to the simulation engine.
2 mmNAME(Cell Name, [Optional: ItemNum]) This function assigns a name to the cell where it is entered. The name is used in the reports.

The function takes two arguments: cellName and ItemNum. The second argument is necessary for the analysis of time series data.
3 mmLOCK() This function prevents a formula from being sampled in a simulation model. It does not take any argument.

When this function is entered in a cell hosting a Risk Analyst function, the results of the cell are not sampled in the simulation and, therefore, the report will not account for the cell holding such function and the simulation will run faster.
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