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Risk Analyst

Probability functions

These are the probability functions built into Risk Analyst. They can be used from the sheet like any other function. They return the probability of occurrence of an event, according to the arguments specified in the function.

When the argument CumulProb is set to TRUE most of them return the cumulative probability of occurrence.
When the argument CumulProb is omitted or it is set to FALSE they return the probability of occurrence.

  • mmBETAc(Probability, Mean, StDeviation, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmBETAGENc(Probability, Mean, StDeviation, [Optional: Lower], [Optional: Upper], [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmBINOMIALc (Probability, Ntrials, PSucc, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmCHI2c(Probability, Degrees, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmERFc(Probability, Mean, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmERLANGc(Probability, Mean, Phases, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmEXPONc(Probability, Mean, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmEXTVALc(Probability, ModalValue, StDeviation, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmGAMMAc(Probability, Scale, Shape, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmGEOc(Probability, Trials, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmHYPERGEOc(Probability, Defects, Sample, Universe, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmINTUNIc(Probability, Lower, Upper, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmINVGAUSSc(Probability, Mean, Scale, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmLOGISTICc(Probability, Mean, StDeviation, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmNEGBINc(Probability, Failures, Successes, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmNORMALc(Probability, Mean, StDeviation, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmPARETOc(Probability, Location, ModalValue, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmPARETO2c(Probability, Location, ModalValue, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmPOISSONc(Probability, Mean, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmRAYLEIGHc(Probability, ModalValue, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmSTUDENTc(Probability, Degrees, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmTRIc(Probability, Lower, ModalValue, Upper, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmUNIFORMc(Probability, Lower, Upper, [Optional: CumulProb])
  • mmWEIBULLc(Probability, Life, Shape, [Optional: CumulProb])
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