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Data page

 Pareto Chart,Survey Data Analysis CrossTab Software

In this page you instruct CrossTab on where to find the raw data to treat, where to print the output, and, if you choose to do so, how to refine tables assigning meaningful labels.

In the first field, shown in the picture above, enter a Job title or accept the default one. In the Dataset range field select with the mouse the range on sheet where input data is stored. The first row of the range is automatically recognized as title labels. Then, in the Output range field, select an anchor cell where to start printing tables. It does not matter whether you select one or more cells, the tool starts printing anyway at the uppermost left one. The field Code range is not a required field, but if you want to assign user-defined labels to tables select a range formatted as described in the previous section Code range.

The frame Define Table(s) Outlook instructs the software on the layout of the tables and the kind of variables in the input range. The options available in the list Kind of table are Multi Table Heading and Single Table Heading. In the Kind of variable list the options are Closed-end question and Open-end question. Refer to the section How CrossTab Works in this help chapter for a detailed explanation of the meaning of the options in this frame.

Once all parameters have been entered in this first page, one can click on the tab Parameters and move to the next page.

After you entered all parameters and are ready to start making contingency tables you can click the button Save to store all parameters in a file. The next time you can click on the button Import to load the parameters and save time.

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