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Descriptive Analyst

How To Run Descriptive Analyst

It's easy to get up to speed with MM4XL in a matter of seconds:

  1. Select the MM4XL tool you want to work with from the toolbar.
  2. Click the Example button on the form. This opens an example sheet with data for the tool you are using.
  3. With your mouse, select the data sets as explained in the example sheet, then click the OK button to print the report.

Descriptive Analyst performs two major tasks:

  • It draws Pareto charts, also known as ABC curve analysis
  • It computes descriptive statistics and prints box plots.

Both analyses can be run simultaneously for one or more input data series (batch analysis).

To start the tool, select Descriptive Analyst under Survey Analysis in the MM4XL menu, or click the button in the MM4XL floating toolbar, and the window below appears.

 Pareto Chart, Box-Whisker Plot and Descriptive Statistics Software

 Pareto Chart, Box-Whisker Plot and Descriptive Statistics Software

In the field Input range select with the mouse the range where the input data is stored. There must be at least two rows of data and the range can be one or multiple columns of data. Each column is analysed separately and a report is produced beginning at the first upper left cell of the Output range.

From the MM4XL menu open the example Descriptive Analyst for a description of input data range.

Check the box Labels in first row if there is a title description above your data. The column label is then used to identify reports and charts.

At this point you are ready to choose what analysis to run.

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