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Group Variation Analyst

Group Variation Analyst in a Nutshell

Think of a product manager dealing with two promotional offers a year. Every year the same decision has to be made twice, and every time he is faced with the same question: Whats best? The problem escalates when referred to a marketing manager coordinating seven product managers and 11 major brands, perhaps running four promotions a year. In such cases a clear understanding of the results produced in the past by a single promotional action or a category of actions may prove very useful for increasing brand success.

Variation Analyst is a very flexible tool. It applies the analysis of variance(ANOVA) method to a variety of data and finds out whether a significant differenceexists between the performance results of two or more comparable groups, for instance, sales growth in areas with and without promotional action. It reports results in a concise and comprehensible manner and draws easy to understand, yet very helpful, charts designed for business decision-makers rather than statisticians.

With Variation Analyst, MM4XL makes available another powerful weapon in the hands of dedicated managers aware of the importance of monitoring scenarios and of making informed decisions based on solid facts and data.

 Business Performance Test Software for Sales Promotion Analysis

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