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4-Dimensional Chart

How to Run 4D Chart

It's easy to get up to speed with MM4XL in a matter of seconds:

  1. Select the MM4XL tool you want to work with from the toolbar.
  2. Click the Example button on the form. This opens an example sheet with data for the tool you are using.
  3. With your mouse, select the data sets as explained in the example sheet, then click the OK button to print the report.

From the MM4XL menu under Charting Tools select 4-Dimensional Chart and the window below is displayed.

Plot 3D Axis Chart in Excel with Bubble Graph Software

The Quick Selection page allows drawing a map with little more than a finger click. Put the input data in the appropriate format (in 6 columns as shown in the chapter An Example), then select the entire input range using your mouse and call the tool from the MM4XL menu, click on OK and that is it. MM4XL does the rest of the job. Alternatively, clicking on the page Detail Selection you can enter in the corresponding textbox the single range addresses for each variable.

Plot 3D Axis Chart in Excel with Bubble Graph Software

This feature is useful when the data lie in separate sections of the spreadsheet. All fields but the Group Variable are self-explanatory. This latter column of data is used for coloring bubbles. Put either text or values in this vector. All equal strings will be assigned a unique color to the corresponding bubble. Be warned, the feature is case sensitive, so a lowercase letter is different to the same letter in uppercase.

If you want to plot axis titles put them in the first row of the input range(s) and check the box Columns with labels. The frame Bubble colors allows coloring the bubbles in two ways. The option by Group colors them according to the data in the Group Variable and the option by Placement colors them according to the position the bubble takes on the plane: bubbles below are red and bubbles above the plane are green. Moreover, bubbles are distinguished by means of other features that make the reading on paper much easier: points going upwards have a solid line and a triangle at their basis, while points going below the plane have a dotted line and a dash at the basis.

The listbox Grid drawing sets the grid to dotted lines, solid lines, or no gridlines at all. The listbox Bubble size is used for re-scaling the size of the bubbles in large, medium, and small. This last feature is useful for making crowded maps more readable.

The Remove axes checkbox is checked by default and it prevents from displaying the axis scale on chart.

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