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Benchmark Analysis

Benchmark Analysis in a Nutshell

Benchmark Analysis is a simple and easy to run tool that can be used to draw a picture of the competitive power of a company, a product portfolio, or a single product against its respective counterparts. The competitive power in this case is taken as the function of the market growth, and of the product or company.

THE concept close to Portfolio Analysis. The found both analyses, but Benchmark Analysis uses as second variable instead Share. It differs in that Product Growth takes into account performance over two years and computes dynamic figure, while the Relative Market Share is a static frequency computation based on one lag of time only.

The map works this way:

  • Products placed below the diagonal grew more than the market, and therefore have won market share.
  • Products placed above the diagonal grew less than the market, and therefore have lost share.
  • Products placed within the dotted lines grew slightly more or less than the market they retained share.

This map helps managers ranking performance, investigating trends, or clustering groups, and it can compare any pairs of items, not product versus market only.

Benchmark Business Performance vs Market Share Growth Software

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