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Project Mapping

How is Project Mapping Useful?

Project mapping is an effective method of note-taking which helps managers to generate ideas, show associations, and organize and communicate thoughts effectively. It stimulates visual thinking and fosters creativity.

The project mapping tool available with MM4XL software provides users with a choice of two different mapping formats:

> Common mind mapping.
> Process flow diagrams

The difference between these two formats is that the mind mapping technique from a main idea in the center, with the phases displayed in the form of child branches organized around the main idea in a clockwise formation; whereas the process flow scheme has a start point and an end point, typically extending from side to side. Both techniques, however, share the common function of visually representing a complex structure; that being a project, an idea, a process, or any other activity that can be split into phases. Project mapping provides the tools to draw a synthetic structure in a way that is not only visually appealing, but also enhances the effectiveness of communication.

Mapping guidelines

Listed below are a few common suggestions to help maximize the speed and effectiveness with which your project map communicates information:

> Use keywords and clear fonts.
> Use images, icons, shapes, and voice notes throughout the map.
> Use colors and emphasis.
> Show associations.
> Inject your own personal style into the map.

Effective mapping involves creativity and order. Creativity requires a sense of flair, and a certain amount of experimentation. There are hundreds of techniques which can be used to develop creative thinking, and a comprehensive list of these can be found on the website It is necessary to organize thoughts and ideas in order to give the map a clear structure. Consideration of the 5 WsWho, Where, Why, When, What (and also How)can assist in achieving this. Transposing the SWOT analysis schema used in business planning in to the context of project mapping might also be useful in map structuring.


When coloring maps it is good practice to give a unique meaning to each color. Typically in mapping, colors are assigned the following meanings:

Yellow:Logical, positive
Red:Intuition, feeling, emotion
Green: Creativity, proposals, alternatives
Blue:Overview, process, control
Black:Judgment, caution

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