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Smart Mapping

Smart Mapping in a Nutshell

Smart Mapping creates bubble maps. A bubble map is a scatter plot whose points have been enlarged to bubbles, and the diameter refers to a third variable. Smart Mapping draws two basic kinds of maps: with common bubbles and with normalized variables.

Normalization, a statistical computation to allow comparison of different variables, subtracts from each item of a series the mean of all elements of the variable. Normalized variables are useful for getting rid of the scale-of-measurement effectand allowing you to interpret more quickly and effectively the variable distributions, for they make evident the over- and under-representations existing in the data. The end result is a map similar to the following one.

Bubble Maps Software for Scatter Plot and Circle Charts

Excel provides the ability to draw bubble maps, but they are less refined than the bubble maps you can make with MM4XL. In Excel labels cannot be displayed, arrows linking bubbles are not available, and changing color of single bubbles may be a very long and tedious process. Moreover, there is no way to automatically rescale quadrantsor set the horizontal axis to a mean or median value. MM4XL helps you to overcome these and other limitations and to save a lot of time.

An example report of this tool is available. Start the tool and click the Example button in the tool form. Alternatively, click the Windows Start button and select MM4XL - Marketing Manager for Excel, the file can be found in the Examples folder.

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