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MarketingStat World

MarketingStat is a company of the virtual generation. It operates from Switzerland with a workforce spread over Europe and North America. MarketingStat is a privately held enterprise, funded by its founders, and is not currently seeking investment funds.

Business consultants click here if interested in promoting MM4XL software and other MarketingStat products.

Universities, business schools and professors that would like to (i) use MM4XL in their courses, and (ii) help us with written reference material and relevant articles, please contact us.

Software distributors interested in listing MarketingStat products in their catalogues should contact us.

MM4XL licenses can be purchased online at the MM4XL software Buy page.

   MarketingStat GmbH
   Im Goldbrunnen 39
   CH-4104 Oberwil
   Phone: +41.61.401 6055
   info -at-

   Internet Sales Collector

   ShareIt - element 5 AG
   Vogelsanger Str. 78
   50823 Cologne
   Phone: +49.221.240 7279
   Fax: +49.221.240 7278
   register -at-

   ShareIt! Inc. USA
   460 Mathews Street
   Suite 1800
   Greensburg, PA 15601-8059
   Tel. +1 724.850 8186
   Fax +1 724.850 8187
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