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Decision Tree

Recommended Strategy

Following the path of the branch recognized as TRUE we find out that our example suggests entering the Surgery business, although, it is supposed to produce lower revenue and to run a higher margin of risk (due to the possibility of making zero sales if FDA does not approve the molecule use). Indeed, this is the strategy that is supposed to return the largest payoff among the alternative options. This is, however, a challenging venture associated with a considerable level of uncertainty. What if we were not really ready to take on all of this risk? In other words, if we were to act more conservatively, which would be the most appealing strategy to follow?

To copy a tree in Word, Power Point or any other Windows application, select the tree with the mouse and press the key combination Ctrl+C, to store the tree in the clipboard. Open a Word document, for instance, and find the place where you want to insert the tree. From the Edit menu, choose Paste special, and select Graphic in the form that appears.

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