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Decision Tree

Known Problems

There are a few things users of Decision Tree should be aware of.

1. The maximum number of branches that can be attached to one arch is 30.

2. The sum of probability values entered in a chance node must add to 1, or 100%, otherwise Excel returns an error displayed as #NV.

3. Row 64000 and columns GR of the Excel sheet are, respectively, the last row and last column where you can place a tree. After that row and column a message warns the user that it is not possible to create a new tree.

4. The security level of Excel must be set either to medium or low, otherwise MM4XL cannot work. If you experience strange symptoms, such as not seeing the MM4XL menu in the Excel menu, click on Tools, Macros, Security and make your selection in the Security level page. Then enable Trust Access To Visual Basic Project on the Trusted Sources tab.

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