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Forecast Manager

Forecast Manager in a Nutshell

MM4XL Forecast Manager runs 14 most common and effective short-term forecasting methods and it can model time series in terms of special events such as promotional actions.

Thanks to Solver, the software is enriched with the power of linear optimization, which means reaching the best solution for every fitted curve. Each method is run, in seconds, hundreds or even thousands of times, every time trying new parameters. The curve that best fits the data is then shown in a succinct and yet well detailed report rich in charts, coefficients, and indices that highlight all major aspects relevant to the forecasting manager for taking his or her decision.

Forecast Manager has been written according to nowadays-popular MBA textbooks. It is accurate, cost-effective, easy to learn, and thought for business decision-makers. Last but not least, all computations are shown by means of common Excel formula that is: we opened the Black-Box for you.

Sales Forecast Software with Sales History Data

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