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Forecast Manager

3. Accuracy and Seasonality tables

There are 2 forms of accuracy report. The one below here, Reliability & accuracy measures table, reports coefficients concerned with the best-fitted model only.

Sales Forecast Software with Sales History Data

The Full accuracy report, on the other side, shows the same coefficients for all fitted models. The table below refers to a forecasting exercise ran using all available models.

Sales Forecast Software with Sales History Data

Find details about the meaning of each coefficient in the section Technicalities later in this chapter.

In Excel both tables above show small red triangles in the upper right corner of most title cells. Place the mouse cursor for one second on one of these cells and a short description of that label pops up.

The Seasonality table shows indices computed averaging all actual values corresponding to each period of the seasonality cycle. In the example below we have a series made of quarterly actual values, therefore four indices. The first one was made averaging all time periods with seasonal cycle equal to one, and so on.

Sales Forecast Software with Sales History Data

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