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Quality Manager


Input requirements

Valid user data selections require at least 5 cells of values. When this minimum is not reached, Quality Manager allows you to use only the Acceptance Sampling family of tools. These are: Operating characteristics curve (OCC, for large lots), Hypergeometric operating characteristics curve (HOCC, for small lots), Average outgoing quality (AOQ).

Blank and missing input

Quality Manager automatically sets blank and missing values to zero values. This may affect the end results of your analysis.


X charts made with Quality Manager use constant values in accordance with the guidelines suggested in the Manual on Presentation of Data and Control Chart Analysis published by ASTM (table 16, page 77, 7th edition).

Large input series

Very large input series, say over 500 data points on a Pentium 4 PC, may impose a long waiting time before the results can be shown in the preview window. The waiting time may be even longer when simulated data are produced. To shorten this time you can uncheck the option Automatic update of charts in the first window of Quality Manager. The Recalculate button in the second window will then allow you to update the preview after your selection is made.

At the lower left side of the window, the status bar displays the rank number of the data point loading. This feature runs too fast to be seen with short data series.

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