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Risk Analyst

Utility functions

N. Name What it does
1 mmHISTO(InputRng, [Optional: Classes]) This is an array function that returns the number of elements by class of a column of data. It can be used to produce the data needed to draw a histogram chart like that drawn for output variables with Risk Analyst.
2 mmOPTNUM(InputRng, [Optional: StablePeriods], [Optional: SelectionLimit]) This function finds the number of simulations for an Output variable where the standard deviation (sd) of the mean of the simulation trials tends to stabilize. This is useful information to reduce the number of trials and save time during the simulation or, alternately, to increase the number of trials if the analysis is not stable enough.
3 mmCORREL(CorrMtx) This array function returns values useful to create correlated random variables, and is mainly used jointly with distribution functions available in Risk Analyst.
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