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Risk Analyst


This function prevents a formula from being sampled in a simulation model. It does not take any argument.

When this function is entered in a cell containing a Risk Analyst function, the results of the cell are not sampled in the simulation and, therefore, the report will not take into account the cell holding such function. All other formulae in the model using an mmFUNCTION are automatically taken into account and are shown in the report.

The usefulness of this function is to be found in models crowded with variables and in models accounting for long series of mmFUNCTIONS. Locking one or more variables enables you to print synthetic reports that run faster, take less time to be produced and that help you focus on the relevant elements in the model.


When a simulation is run, the formula below produces values from the Triangular distribution and its results may be printed in a report.

mmTRI(100, 160, 300)

When the formula above is changed to the formula shown below, the formula is still working in the model but its results are no longer sampled and the report shows no information about it:

mmTRI(100, 160, 300) +mmLOCK()
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