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Risk Analyst

mmNAME(CellName, [Optional: ItemNum])

This function assigns a name to the cell where it is entered. The name is used in the reports.

The function takes two arguments.

CellName is the name that you wish to assign to the cell, and it must be entered between quotes.

ItemNum is an optional argument that identifies the position the item takes in the series it belongs to. When the ItemNum is missing the name argument will be used to identify the formula in the cell.

The ItemNum argument is necessary for the analysis of time series data, such as the net present value (NPV) of a project over a certain number of time periods.


The CellName must be entered in quotes.

Valid cell references can be used to define names.


The formula below assigns the name Market Size to the formula in the cell and makes it the third element of the time series:

mmNORMAL(100, 5)+mmNAME("Market Size", 3)

When the report Time Series is printed, the elements of the series Market Growth can be analyzed further by means of a time series chart. For more information concerning Time Series reports of simulation models refer to the corresponding section in this help chapter.
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