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mmINTUNI(Lower, Upper)


=mmINTUNI(1, 8) can equal 4.


Also called Rectangular Discrete distribution, this function assigns equal probability to the items between a Lower and an Upper bound. It can be used to model a wide variety of instances when there is equal chance that one outcome or another occurs, for instance, whether the next incoming client is male or female.

How to use

It returns numbers with equal probability within a Lower and an Upper bound. Say that we sell three different kinds of pizza, and every week we sell roughly an equal quantity of each, 300 for instance. The formula below could help to estimate the preference of clients ordering one of three kinds of pizza:

=mmINTUNI(1, 3)

Copy the formula above in 100 cells. You will find that about one third of values is a one, a two or a three, according to the three pizzas.

Technical profile

Type Discrete distribution.
Syntax =mmINTUNI(Lower, Upper)
Domain Lower <= RndNum <= Upper, an integer.
Mode Not uniquely defined.
Parameters Lower = lower limit of the range
Upper = upper limit of the range
Remarks If any parameter is nonnumeric mmINTUNI returns the #VALUE! error value.
Relationships None.
mmINTUNI(1, 8) mmINTUNI(1, 80)
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