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Part 2. MM4XL Tools

Section 2: Analytical Tools

Analyze data for describing, inferring and finding relationships.

Excel Functions: Business Formula
Tens of Excel formulas useful to model scenarios and to create even very sophisticated controlling sheets in the fields of marketing research and statistics, project management, database analysis, pricing, queuing theory, and much more.

Survey tools: Sample Manager, Proportion Analyst, CrossTab, Descriptive Analyst, Group Variation Analyst
Analysis is the starting point of the typical marketing cycle. It aims at gathering and analyzing relevant data for the purpose of planning. When the data is gathered with ad hoc surveys MM4XL can help:

  • Planning the survey, with the goal of gathering solid data while saving money
  • Analyzing the data and getting more information out of studies

Segmentation tools: Cluster Analysis, Segmentation Tree, Gravitation Analysis
Markets are said to be made of homogeneous segments. There are two main frameworks for segmentation in marketing:

  • Independence techniques (cluster, factor, correspondence, discriminant)
  • Dependence techniques (AID, CHAID, THAID, etc.)
The tools in this suite cover both groups and are written to help managers, not statisticians, running the appropriate segmentation technique to different data arrangements, in order to obtain actionable information.

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