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mmMOI, Market Opportunity Index

Category: Reporting > Market Models

The Market Opportunity Index (MOI) is a simple and reasonably inexpensive method of evaluating marketing opportunities, and guiding the allocation of resources towards potentially profitable market segments. The greater the MOI for a geographical area the greater your chance of success.

Business analysis formulas for Excel. Marketing tool for professionals

mmCDI = Category Development Index
mmBDI = Brand Development Index


mmMOI(Area_Size, Brand_Size, Area_Value, Optional Total_Area_Size, Optional Total_Brand, Optional Total_Area_Value)

Area_Size Range containing the number of residents by geographic area
Brand_Size Range containing the revenue of your brand by geographic area
Area_Value Range containing the total sales of all brands by geographic area
Total_Area_Size Optional - The total number of residents in all geographic areas
Total_Brand Optional - The total revenue of your brand in all geographic areas
Total_Area_Value Optional - The total sales of all brands in all geographic areas

When any Optional value is missing the total column is set equal to the sum of the values in the range.


See example file Business Formulas.xls, sheet mmBDI-mmCDI-mmMOI.

Business analysis formulas for Excel. Marketing tool for professionals

Note: This is an Array Function (curly brackets { } ). To enter an array function: (1) select the range where you want to enter it , for instance, G26:G28; (2) type the formula; (3) press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

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Luiz Moutinho, 1991, Problems in Marketing
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