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mmMMS, Basic Queuing Model

Category: Queuing

The MMS Queuing Model assumes there are S servers and the total service capacity of the system must be greater than the rate at which arrivals occur.


mmMMS(Arrival_Rate, Service_Rate, Number_Servers, Optional Labels, Optional Show_Time, Optional Chart_Boundary, Optional Chart_Data)

Arrival_Rate Average number of arrivals per time period
Service_Rate Number of jobs or customers that can be served per time period
Number_Servers Number of employees or machines serving
Labels Optional - TRUE shows long report labels in output, FALSE shows short report labels
Show_Time Optional - TRUE shows time using mmDHSM, FALSE shows time as a number
Chart_Boundary Optional - Lower probability limit to return results for
Chart_Data Optional - TRUE returns the number of classes with probability larger than zero


See example file Business Formulas.xls, sheet mmMMS.

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Note: This is an Array Function (curly brackets { } ). To enter an array function: (1) select the range where you want to enter it, for instance, A21:B38; (2) type the formula; (3) press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

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