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mmMMSQ, Queuing Model with Queue Length

Category: Queuing

The MMSQ Queuing Model with Queue Length assumes that the size or capacity of the waiting area is infinite so that all arrivals to the system join the queue and wait for service.


mmMMSQ(Arrival_Rate, Service_Rate, Number_Servers, Max_Queue, Optional Labels, Optional Show_Time, Optional Chart_Boundary, Optional Chart_Data)

Arrival_Rate Average number of arrivals per time period
Service_Rate Number of jobs or customers that can be served per time period
Number_Servers Number of employees or machines serving
Max_Queue Maximum number of clients or jobs in the waiting queue
Labels Optional - TRUE shows long report labels in output, FALSE shows short report labels
Show_Time Optional - TRUE shows time using mmDHSM, FALSE shows time as a number
Chart_Boundary Optional - Lower probability limit to return results for
Chart_Data Optional - TRUE returns the number of classes with probability larger than zero


See example file Business Formulas.xls, sheet mmMMSQ.

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Note: This is an Array Function (curly brackets { } ). To enter an array function: (1) select the range where you want to enter it, for instance, A21:B38; (2) type the formula; (3) press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

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