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mmBEP, Break-Even Point

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The break-even point for any business activity is defined as the level of sales at which neither a profit nor a loss is made on that activity that is, where Total Revenues equal Total Costs. Provided that a company sells its goods at a price per unit that is greater than its variable cost per unit, the sale of each unit will make a contribution toward covering some portion of fixed costs. That contribution can be calculated as the difference between price per unit (revenue) and variable cost per unit. On this basis, break-even constitutes the minimum level of sales at which total contribution fully covers fixed costs.

Business analysis formulas for Excel. Marketing tool for professionals


FC = Fixed, or facility, costs. Expenses not dependent on the level of goods or services produced.
P = Price
VC = Variable costs. Expenses that change proportionally to the size of production.


mmBEP(Price, Variable_Cost, Fix_Cost, Optional Do_Value)

Price The product price
Variable_Cost The product variable costs (the cost of production materials)
Fix_Cost The facility costs (like rent, wages, etc. assigned to the product)
Do_Value Optional - TRUE returns BEP in value, FALSE returns BEP in volume


See example file Business Formulas.xls, sheet mmBEP.

Business analysis formulas for Excel. Marketing tool for professionals

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