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mmSIGNIF, Significance Test

Category: Reporting > Market Research & Statistics

The function mmSIGNIF applies the Z test for homogeneity of two proportions to test the statistical significance of the difference between two proportions. It is often used to test the results of a contingency table as obtained from the cross tabulation of two variables measured with a survey study.

Business analysis formulas for Excel. Marketing tool for professionals


mmSIGNIF(Test_Cell, Range_Sample, Significance)

Test_Cell Range of percentage values to be tested
Range_Sample Range of sample sizes expressed as integers
Significance The percent level of confidence at which to conduct the test


See example file Business Formulas.xls, sheet mmSIGNIF.

Business analysis formulas for Excel. Marketing tool for professionals

Note 1: This is an Array Function (curly brackets { } ). To enter an array function: (1) select the range where you want to enter it, for instance, B16:F16; (2) type the formula; (3) press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

Note2: de in cell B16 means that the value in cell B15 (24.5%) is significantly larger than the values in cells E15 and F15. That is, d stands for the fourth column and e stands for the fifth column beginning from column B, the first column of the table.

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Mark L. Berenson, David M. Levine, 1996, Basic Business Statistics. Concepts and applications
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