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CrossTab in a Nutshell

CrossTab produces contingency tables that are the joint distribution of 2 variables, described by a limited number of distinct values, such as the one below, and it can test:

  • proportions for significance (Z-test)
  • rows and columns for independence ( Pareto Chart,Survey Data Analysis CrossTab Softwaretest)
  • variables for correlation (R and R squared coefficient)

If chosen to do so, CrossTab adds user-defined labels to row and column variable codes.

These are important features to business analysts because they allow quickening the data interpretation work and they help focusing on the relevant part of the data. An expert eye using CrossTab may truly get the goal faster.

 Pareto Chart,Survey Data Analysis CrossTab Software

This powerful tool and its statistical measures allow making a detailed and accurate exploration of any data set by means of 2-way contingency tables.

CrossTab is part of the Survey Analysis suite, which comprises Sample Manager, a tool for determining sample size, and Proportion Analyst, a tool for testing for significance the difference between two proportions.

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