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Parameters page

The Parameters page is where to define how to cross tabulate input data.

 Pareto Chart,Survey Data Analysis CrossTab Software

On the left side, the panel From List shows the title of each variable in the chosen Dataset range. Select with the mouse one or more variables from this list and click on the appropriate Add>> button for copying the selection to one of the two lists on the right side of the window.

The codes of variables copied to the To Row list will be shown in the tables as row items. The listbox Sort row values is set by default on Ascending order, but row tables cab be also displayed with descending row order. As opposite to rows, codes of variables copied to the list To Column will be shown as column items.

To remove variables from the lists on the right select one or more entries with the mouse and click on the respective <<Remove button. The selection above would produce 6 tables printed in two blocks each made of 3 tables.

The Add and Remove buttons are activated and deactivated depending on the list panel where the cursor is placed on.

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