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Statistics page

 Pareto Chart,Survey Data Analysis CrossTab Software

When the checkbox Show % computed on (frame Table totals) is active, as above, CrossTab computes count proportions (percentage) in one of three ways. The table below shows totals computed on Row totals, this means cell counts are divided by respective row sum in order to get percentage values. The option Column totals computes proportions dividing cell counts by column totals, and clicking on the option Table total counts are divided by table total, equal to 315 in the example below.

 Pareto Chart,Survey Data Analysis CrossTab Software

Tables made of either counts or percentages only can be used as input to Brand Mapping, Smart Mapping, or Comparative Mapping.

The checkbox Show % computed on must be active in order to activate the Test table and proportions option in the Statistical Tests frame. When the checkbox Test table and proportions is active, CrossTab can test proportions for significance, either by Row or by Column. Moreover, it can test rows and columns for independence as well as variables for correlation. All you have to do is to activate the respective checkbox and either accept the default percentage value for the tests or input your own number. In the section Technicalities in this help chapter there are technical details about how the tests are performed and their meaning.

Finally, click on the button OK and CrossTab starts producing tables.

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