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Descriptive Analyst

Descriptive Analyst in a Nutshell

What is the typical [price] for a certain product? How many of these products fall within a certain [price] range? What is an unreasonable [price] for this product category?

Questions such as these can be answered with Descriptive Analyst and the brackets around the variable name price underline the fact they can be asked for any variable that can be expressed on a categorical or continuous scale. Answering these questions could offer very useful hints to the manager challenged with making performance ranks, looking into industry sector records, or comparing product profiles rather than competitor performance.

Descriptive Analyst makes Pareto curve (ABC) analysis, descriptive statistics, and box-whisker plots, which are tools typically used when exploring data for answering questions such as these.

 Pareto Chart, Box-Whisker Plot and Descriptive Statistics Software

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