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Proportion Analyst

Proportion Analyst in a Nutshell

Proportion Analyst is useful for determining if a significant difference exists between two proportions, which is a recurrent question when interpreting, for instance, results from marketing survey studies rather than from promotional campaigns, or sales results. When investigating product acceptance, for instance, testing whether there are significant differences between target segments is a basic step to a correct interpretation of the results of the study.

Applyinga two-tailed Z test for homogeneity, Proportions Manager tests equality and determines if any difference exists in the proportion of successes in two samples. It interprets results and presents conclusions written in plain English, both on the sheet and in the user form as shown in the picture below.

This tool is part of the Survey Analysis suite, which comprises also Sample Manager, a tool for determining sample size, and CrossTab, a professional tool for running complex contingency table elaborations.

 Significance Test of Difference of Proportion Software

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