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Sample Manager

Sample Manager in a Nutshell

How many people prefer brand A? How many households have a black and white TV? How many patients progressed on drug X? What proportion of electors voted candidate Y? Are all questions we can answer surveying samples of individuals with the characteristics.

 Random Sample Size Design Calculation Software

In order to design a sample that makes sense, one important thing is determining the number of required interviews. How large should be the sample? The answer can be found with Sample Manager, quickly, accurately, and objectively. It is indeed the objectivity of probabilistic assumptions, rather than gut feeling, which helps companies saving money and carry reliable survey studies.

According to input data, Sample Manager prints in output a sensitivity analysis, but those who do not need a printout can see results directly in the user form.

This tool is part of the Survey Analysis suite, which comprises also Proportion Analyst, a tool for testing for significance the difference between two proportions, and CrossTab, a professional tool for running complex contingency table elaborations.

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