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Sample Manager

How to Extract a Random Sample

In the Sample Manager tool form click on the Extract Sample button and a new form appears. In the field Input range select with the mouse the range on the sheet containing the data you want to extract a sample from. In the field Output range select a cell on sheet where Sample Manager can start printing the sampled data. In the textbox N enter the number of data rows you want to extract and from the listbox select one of three kinds of extractions. Extract N random datarows extracts the desired number of rows applying an algorithm that randomly picks the next rows up to N. Otherwise you can choose between Extract the last N data rows or Extract the first N data rows, whose functioning may be intuitively understood from the option names.

 Random Sample Size Design Calculation Software

Click on OK and Sample Manager begins printing the desired output starting from the selected output cell.

The Print report function starts printing at the selected cell in Excel. Therefore, pay attention to where your cursor is located before you click the Print button.

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