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Benchmark Analysis

The Benchmark Map

The Benchmark Map looks like a common bubble scatter plot with the peculiarity that both X- and Y-axis have the same length (-10%; +60% in the map below). Axes with equal length show a squared surface that favor the interpretation of the distance of the bubbles from the diagonal that splits the map in two equally sized triangular regions.

Benchmark Business Performance vs Market Share Growth Software

The lower triangle hosts products that grew faster than their markets did. These are products that have won market share. On the other side, the upper triangle hosts products that grew less than the market, and these have lost market share. The dotted diagonals are parallel to the main one and are set arbitrarily by the user in order to identify a region of not significant changes.

Benchmark often initiates a broader competitive analysis. (i) Look at your company performance; (ii) then look at your portfolio with BCG or McKinsey; (iii) finally, go in depth by market segment (product) with Brand Mapping and Brand Switch.

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